Friday, November 30, 2012

Hi my friends out there in doggy blogger land.
Here is a new beautiful picture of wonderful me. I've become a bit grey around the muzzle as I'm nearing 8 years old. Hoping around on 3 legs ages a dog, but doesn't diminish my dignity and attitude.
I'm perched on my new kyjen bed. Its really, really, really good. I get the best cause Mom loves me more than the others (right Mom?????........).
Anyway; love, slurpey kisses, and wags to everyone!


  1. OhTurke, you handsome, handsome boy!! It is so great to see you. I hope you will have time to write more posts on what you are up to. I've never stopped thinking of you and it's so great to see your picture.

    Love, Cupcake

  2. Harrrooo Turke! Good to hear from woo mate. That does look like a fine bed...we can't have nice things- little brofur eats everything...sigh. Be well furiend. Play bows,


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  4. Good to hear from you again Turke, That new bed looks soooo comfy.

  5. Hello Turke,
    my name is Arno and I'm a white shepherd from Germany! I just joined your blog and I would be very happy if you come over to visit mine! So see you soon and have a wonderful sleep in your nice bed!
    Best regards

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  8. Miss you dude, hope things are well,

    Nuk & Isis

  9. Stopped to paw love,

    Nuk & Family

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