Friday, November 30, 2012

Hi my friends out there in doggy blogger land.
Here is a new beautiful picture of wonderful me. I've become a bit grey around the muzzle as I'm nearing 8 years old. Hoping around on 3 legs ages a dog, but doesn't diminish my dignity and attitude.
I'm perched on my new kyjen bed. Its really, really, really good. I get the best cause Mom loves me more than the others (right Mom?????........).
Anyway; love, slurpey kisses, and wags to everyone!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Big Ball

Hi Everyone,
I haven't been on the bloggy for a while cause I've been soooo busy. Just thought I should check in and update. I didn't get the special shoe so I just hop around very carefully. Some of my blog-friends out there told me about some good sites where mom ordered me some soft shoes that work pretty well. So thank you fans.
Since I came out of my "dark place" I like toys again. Jolly balls are some of my favorites. Its fun to run around and carry this in my mouth and show off (just like my old self).
Sampson, the Malamute is getting older and grouchier.
Roxie, my new friend (white German shepherd) is adapting so well now. She no longer panics and hurts herself. This makes all of us so happy.
And we keep having all these foster dogs moving in and out of our lives.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Get'n Fixed Up

You know I have this injury on my left hind foot. It was hurt in the terrible accident of November 10th. Its healed over but my foot is very sensitive - all that scar tissue stuff. And the new tissue is still fragile and ouchy.

That is why I have to wear the booties. Mom got these booties at the store but whatever kind she gets me just twist and turn, flop off, and worst of all don't help me on slippery surfaces. Its a real dilemma when you are a go-everywhere, do-everything guy like me!

EXCITING NEWS: The Alabama Artificial Limb Company is making a special prosthetic shoe for me. They've never done a dog shoe before so I'm an experiment. And I am sooooo special!

Here are pictures from Friday when they were measuring me. I wasn't sure about all this, but they promise it won't hurt.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Heroic Dog Performs Tracheotomy on Duck - SUCCESS!

Last night I had to help out poor Ducky. He squeeked everytime I bit him. I knew I had to immediately release the demon inside. So I chewed through his yellow neck and found the offensive squeeky. Mom took him away from me before I could finish my work. She always does that.