Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dining Out

Sometimes Mom takes me out to breakfast. There aren't many places to go around here - we don't live in a very "dog-friendly" town. But Panera's Bakery is cool to canines. So we like them and go there for a bagel on Sunday mornings. Don't you think more restaurants, parks, etc should let us nice doggies go with our owners to places and just hang-out? Its very important for us to socialize and get used to other humans and other dogs. If only more people "got IT".
Well anyway, here's a lovely picture of me at PANERA'S (a great place)! And of course I'm acting like a fine dog and teaching people that German Shepherd Dogs won't eat them. I consider myself an Ambassador for GSD's and for rescued dogs.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

People Crates vs. Dog Crates

This is a picture of a Miata. The other picture is of a dog airline crate. When GSD rescue foster dog Steffi first came here in February we didn't have room for her. She had to spend her nights in a crate like this. Mom says she is really, really sorry. This week Mom had to drive a Miata and she says she now knows what Steffi felt like being confined in that little crate. She promises this form of cruelty will never happen again (to either of them)!!!

That's Crazy Talk

Well yes, it's all about ME! Life's been ok lately. Mom and Dad take us out every night for the big packwalk (all 6). Then in the morning Mom's been taking me, Bruno, and Buster on an early morning workout. Its alot of fun - just us boys. Mom says its something about discipline, exercise, and correcting bad behaviors. Thats just crazy talk. I know that she really just wants to show us off to the neighborhood. I mean we are just awesome, stunning, fearsome, and magnificent beasts!!

It's been really hot lately - that's what they say. I stay inside in the cool house all day sprawled on the cool tile floor or rugs. Who cares.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Friend Stormie

This is Stormie. Sometimes her human parents come over and let her play with us. She always acts shy at first. But once she starts playing....wow! She's rough and tough. Stormie is much faster than me. I have so many friends.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Look who got shaved...ha ha ha

Mr. Grouchey (Sampson the Malamute) gets shaved every summer. Its one of the ways Mom and Dad help big, furry dogs endure the heat. That way Sam can enjoy the cool tile floors. As you can see Sampson looks really happy (not) about showing off his shaved tummy.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The One Who Started It All

Here's a picture of Sugar (white German Shepherd) and Mom. If it weren't for Sugar I wouldn't be here. No, she isn't my dog-mom but she started Mom doing the fostering for GSD's. Over 11 years ago my human mom rescued her. She didn't mean to, but it just happened. My mom didn't have any idea what she was doing cause she didn't know much about dogs and sure didn't know what to do with a dog that had been abused and in emotional distress and highly reactive. But to make a long story short, everything worked out great. Sugar healed. They became best friends and constant companions. Through their 11 years Mom says she learned some very important lessons from Sugar: 1) the worst dogs can become the best dogs, 2) detachment from material possessions, 3) to give back to the universe. But Sugar's body wore out last August and she took the Rainbow Bridge. We are still very sad.