Sunday, September 12, 2010

Roxie Update

Roxie's heartworm treatment was about 3 weeks ago. The first week she slept alot. Now she's feeling better, but Mom is still trying to make her stay calm. She had injections in her back so she wears her shaved hw patch. What a terrible thing dogs have to endure all because of people's neglect.

Our Ever Changing Family

Yes, still busy. Our foster dogs (Kala, Libby, Buster, Steffi) all found their forever homes. There is a new crew here: Corey, Boss, and Stella. Corey is a huge, energetic male. Boss is a big, long-haired, puppy about a year old. Stella is a small, nosey girl. Stella is undergoing heartworm treatment so she'll be here a while. The two males intimidate me a little, but I'm still trying to make them my playmates. Of course Roxie is here and Sam the Malamute.