Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Big Ball

Hi Everyone,
I haven't been on the bloggy for a while cause I've been soooo busy. Just thought I should check in and update. I didn't get the special shoe so I just hop around very carefully. Some of my blog-friends out there told me about some good sites where mom ordered me some soft shoes that work pretty well. So thank you fans.
Since I came out of my "dark place" I like toys again. Jolly balls are some of my favorites. Its fun to run around and carry this in my mouth and show off (just like my old self).
Sampson, the Malamute is getting older and grouchier.
Roxie, my new friend (white German shepherd) is adapting so well now. She no longer panics and hurts herself. This makes all of us so happy.
And we keep having all these foster dogs moving in and out of our lives.