Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Love to RIde in the Car

As you can see I've been such a busy boy lately. Monday we loaded up in the car and took new girl Roxie to start her heartworm treatment. Steffi and I rode with Mom and Rox to give them morale support. That's something I'm very good at. Just another of my incredible assets. No matter how grim or serious a situation is, I can always be counted on to be cuddly and clownish. Well, we had a two hour drive. We had to leave Roxie-girl for two whole days. We missed her. But she really missed us. We got her back today and she is sooooo tired and seems sore. Poor old girl. Enough about her. Here's a picture of ME riding in the car. I get front seat priviledges cause its so stinking hot. The back seat's ok too. But the very back is just too hot. Anyway, because Mom spoils me and cause I never try to drive, I get front seat. Look how small I can get! I weigh 80 lbs and I'm tall and lanky, but I can fold up in the front seat of a car like a yoga chick. And when those a.c. vents are pointed on me I can relax and take a well deserved nap.

Adoptions last weekend!

Well, it was a very busy weekend. Not only did my old best-friend Hannah-Bannana come to visit me, but we had two adoptions. Two of my foster friends got their fur-ever homes. Most Excellent! Of course I will miss them, but I'm so glad they have their wonderful loving homes. Liberty (we called her Libby) and Kahla left. Both of these girls just loved me, of course! Here is a picture of Libby and her new big brother (Jack). Kahla also has a fun family with a very nice human boy to play with and a cocker spaniel. Well this all means that I will get two new foster brothers and sisters to train and play with and who will adore me endlessly. Never a dull moment. Ain't life good!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Best Weekend!!!!

I got to see my old best friend Hannah-Bannana Sunday. Hannah was a foster friend here in December and January. She was very confused when she came here. But, I worked my magic and helped her learn that life is good and people love you. When she got here at my house she was just all wadded up in the back of a crate and frightened and shaking. But I said, "hey girl, come on and play with me and chill out." And within a couple of days we were having the best time. She was a house puppy in no time and having fun and luv'n and liv'n up BIG. I guess Mom and Dad helped a little, but hey, I was her best friend! I showed her the ropes. And she was such a smart girl. She showed me how to write. While she was fostered here she wrote a diary. WOW. And she showed me that all I had to do was get on the computer and start my own blog and here I am. So Thank You Hannah-Bannana! You started the creative spark in me. YOU ARE MY MUSE! Now you live in a wonderful fur-ever home in Florida. You play at the beach and take vacations. I'm so glad you came up here Sunday and visited with me. Kisses, slobbers, licks, and sniffs!!!!
Here's a picture of Hannah and me yesterday (Sunday -I'm the handsome one the left) at our reunion. I love you Hannah!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Sometimes I work as a fundraiser for my favorite charities. Here I am posing by the mailbox with my donation to send to rescue. This is very important work, because as most of us know there are so many deserving dogs (and other creatures), just like me, that need help. So if you support your local humane shelter or rescue THANK YOU so much! Consider fostering a homeless dog or cat through a rescue organization. Who knows, you might meet someone as wonderful as ME. My personal favorites are German Shepherd Rescue of Central Alabama and Shelby County (AL) Humane Society because they rescued me. But there are too many worthy rescues to mention who work tirelessly for those of us without a voice.
Hope that mailman comes soon------it's hot out here!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Puppies are Stupid

I had to babysit a puppy this weekend. They are very annoying. They get in your face and yap. They take your toys. They jump on you. They poop a lot. And WORST of ALL.....the humans think they are so cute. Its just crazy. Mom and Dad forgot all about my grace and dignity and went all goo-goo for this silly little thing.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Buster Brown

Remember Buster Brown? He's a foster dog here. We're good friends. I think he will be adopted soon. Mom and Dad are whispering. Mom is kinda sad and happy at the same time. He's been a good playmate. I've tried to teach him everything I know about barking, toy hoarding, butt sniffing, chasing lizards and flys and making "sad eyes" until you get what you want from the humans. He's young and been a good protegee. Its hard work being a Role Model for the young foster dogs. He's a handsome boy - but not as handsome as ME!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Roxie was Spayed Yesterday

I am grand and wonderful, Turke, the GSD. But I am also a gracious host to our new girl Roxie. So I am giving her a little space on MY BLOG. Roxie has had a rough road, and as fearsome and magnificient as I am now, I certainly know about those "rough roads" and asphalt burns ("ouch"). Well, yesterday she had a big surgery. She and Mom left early and came back late and boy was Roxie dumbed out. Roxie wouldn't talk to anybody, or eat, or play. All she did last night was sleep. She smelled funny. In fact Mom wouldn't even let us bother her. Well, that's no fun!
Roxie was spayed. All of us here are spayed or neutered. Its a real important thing. Anyway, because it's such an important day Mom took pictures. Here are pictures of Rox as Mom was about to take her out of the car at the clinic and the second sad, sad picture of her as she realized Mom was leaving her (uh-oh). But she's doing better now. I hope I can play with her soon. We were having so much fun.