Friday, May 14, 2010

In August 2006 I was rescued (from the side of the road) by animal control. Nobody had taken care of me in a long time. But I ended up in a vry large humane shelter. There were lots of dogs-who barked all the time. I was very frightened, so were they. I was hungry, skinny, itchy, and my hips and legs hurt all the time. My body hurt ever since I'd been hit by the car. I hadn't been able to run since then. After several weeks some people came to see me and took me out for a long car ride to their house. My life changed here. These people took me to clinics and lots of doctors. The first doctor said I should be euthanized. The next doctor said I should have FHO (femoral head ostectomy) on both hips and I would be fine. This means the heads of my femors were cut off. They did this. After 6 months of (two) surgeries - one hip at a time and rehab exercises and swimming I recovered. The people who made this happen and paid for everything and took care of me were volunteers of German Shepherd Rescue of Central Alabama. After I got well I was put up for adoption. But after nine months of my lovely picture on the website no one was interested in me, despite my wonderful personality. People were afraid of my future of arthitis. I worked so hard to get well. So my foster mom adopted me. I'm so glad she adopted me! The only problem is I have to share my home and parents with other dogs cause we foster other dogs now. But they make good playmates for me and there's never a dull moment.


  1. Never ever worry about all those dogs coming and going. You have made a home in the hearts of your momma and dadda and you will be there always. One of your big jobs will be to show the foster dogs how to be good dogs and how to show their very best side when new PAWrents come to look at them. That is furry imPAWtant.

  2. How gorgeous you are! I just found your blog today and hope to read more about your adventures. I am so glad you have a wonderful forever home.