Saturday, October 16, 2010

Count Turke-ula

Are you ready for Halloween? I got my costume today. I'm Count Turke-ula! Are you frightened? Terrified? I have a big party next Friday and I have to be absolutely stunning. I think this will work. What do you think? What are my blog-doggie-friends going to dress up as for Halloween? Please share.....


  1. You're terrifying, Turke! I don't know if I'm getting a costume or not. So far, we haven't gotten around to it. Haven't gotten pumpkins or candy either. We're not doing so well, Halloweenwise.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  2. My what big teefers you gots!

    Sam and Pippen

  3. Turke, you are so handsome! No idea what I will dress up like...probably my fur and that's all! Lots of love, Holly

  4. Um, excuse me, Xena, but Turke is mine. Yes, he is handsome and yes, he is wonderful and yes, all the girls love him, but he is mine!!! Happy Halloween Turke!

    Your Girlfriend,

  5. I don't do traditional khostumes -

    I was a ghost on my blog today ;-)

    Great Khount Turke-ula!


  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. Great costume you have there, it's quite scary! I don't know that my guys' family ever dresses them up but this year, as their aunt and Halloween lover, I felt it was my duty to procure appropriate attire for them. So, Halloween tee shirts (that's if they cooperate and let me dress them up).

  7. If Mom can get them ready in time, I'm thinking about going as Little Red Riding Hood and Morgan is going to go as the wolf in Granny's clothes. We love your costume!


  8. Wow - TOO CUTE!!! A costume that actually lets those enormous ears like my girl be unobstructed ;) Gorgeous baby. Check out my blog if you get a chance:

  9. Talk about skeery AND handsome all at the same time! This is a Twilight moment if we've ever seen one!

  10. You're not scary! You're handsome! You can bite me anytime! lol