Friday, April 8, 2011

Heroic Dog Performs Tracheotomy on Duck - SUCCESS!

Last night I had to help out poor Ducky. He squeeked everytime I bit him. I knew I had to immediately release the demon inside. So I chewed through his yellow neck and found the offensive squeeky. Mom took him away from me before I could finish my work. She always does that.


  1. I'm very confused as to why your Mom took away the duck. You were only trying to help. Isn't that our job, to get that squeeky thing out? Oh, those silly humans.

    Love, Cupcake

  2. I think you absolutely must be related to my sister, Morgan! She feels the same way about those squeakers!


  3. Wow you're so smart! Who needs medical school?? I bet that's why mom took it, she was jealous of your Doogie Howlser (get it!!) skillz!

  4. Great job Turke!!! We are proud of you! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  5. We don't have many exorcisms here thankfully...Well done, Turke!

  6. your a ducky savior turke . what ever would they do wiffout all your special skills

    pibble sugars and wee wiggles
    the pittie pack