Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Friend Millie

Yes, I'm finally getting my life back together. Here I am with Mom and my friend Millie, the Golden Retriever. Millie is teaching me to calm down. Sometimes I get too excited and hop (and flail) around and bark too much. She says "get over it, everything is good." Millie is a therapy dog for people who need some "dog lov'in" to help them get well. Thats what I want to do too. Maybe I can give some "dog lov'in" to people who have lost a leg.............


  1. Turke,

    You, your Mom and Millie are all so beautiful. I'm sure Millie has helped a lot of people and I bet you will too.

    Love, Cupcake

  2. That's a great picture of you!

    Morgan and I visit people at the nursing home, and it's tons of fun! There's a new guy there, and he only has one leg, and he was the first person ever to know that Morgan was a girl at the first look. Apparently a lot of people think all Shepherds are boys!


  3. Oh Turke!

    I so wish woo were khloser to me
    and that Ben was khloser to both of us!


  4. What a good friend you have there in Millie! Sometimes we need that buddy to show us we're fine. To stop sweating it and keep moving forward. I'm not sure I would have your mom's strength, but I'd get it fast if my pups were hurt! I think a therapy type job would be a great goal!!

  5. hey turke -
    you are lookin' good. Sorry to hear how challenging things have been. BUT - now you have your very own person, that is a HUGE thing. Swimming might be the answer, gets the energy out and saves the joints.