Monday, March 21, 2011

November - the accident

Right after the accident I had to stay at the clinic for a week. But Mom and Dad came every morning and night and sat with me. I slept alot. After that they let me come home. Mom had to bring me back twice a day for dressing change to make sure I didn't get an infection. I weight 82 pounds. Mom and Dad had to carry me everywhere. They say I'm heavy. It hurt both of us. I couldn't be left alone because I became very anxious and tried to chew my foot so Mom stayed home from work alot. Daycare at the vet made me unhappy. Finally Dad took me to work with him for two months. That worked pretty good. I was very sad for a long time. I grieved for my lost leg.


  1. Your Mom and Dad love you so much. I'm so glad your Dad was able to take you to work with him.

  2. Turke, we are so very sorry to hear about what happened to you. We have not been on the computer much lately and just found out you were back.....we are very sorry about that school bus hitting you and your leg. Living across from a school here, we know how they actually fly by in a race everyday. Please take care of yourself and we are glad you are back and healing. Lots of love to you, Debbie and Holly

  3. My goodness, Turke - your family loves you so much! I'm sorry you had to suffer through all the healing process after such a horrible experience. I would mourn my lost leg, too! I can't wait to read more about your healing and we're here for you and your parents...