Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Love to RIde in the Car

As you can see I've been such a busy boy lately. Monday we loaded up in the car and took new girl Roxie to start her heartworm treatment. Steffi and I rode with Mom and Rox to give them morale support. That's something I'm very good at. Just another of my incredible assets. No matter how grim or serious a situation is, I can always be counted on to be cuddly and clownish. Well, we had a two hour drive. We had to leave Roxie-girl for two whole days. We missed her. But she really missed us. We got her back today and she is sooooo tired and seems sore. Poor old girl. Enough about her. Here's a picture of ME riding in the car. I get front seat priviledges cause its so stinking hot. The back seat's ok too. But the very back is just too hot. Anyway, because Mom spoils me and cause I never try to drive, I get front seat. Look how small I can get! I weigh 80 lbs and I'm tall and lanky, but I can fold up in the front seat of a car like a yoga chick. And when those a.c. vents are pointed on me I can relax and take a well deserved nap.


  1. Turke, you look beautiful in the car! Isn't it fun to go for rides! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  2. Thanks Holly.
    I think you travel more than any poochie I know! And those toys you have.....they rock!

  3. I confess, we're Roxie fans here, and we're pulling for her to make it through her treatments okay! I have tried convincing Mom and Dad that I should ride in the front seat, but they don't go for it. I know that when Mom and I aren't around that Dad lets Morgan sneak into the passenger seat sometimes, though!


  4. Mr. Turke, you are so cute! Hope Roxie is feeling better.

    Love, Cupcake

  5. Great picture of Turke in the front seat. You look very content.

    Paws crossed for Roxie to recover quickly.

    KT and Lady

  6. It's so much fun to go on rides. I'm telling yah, everytime mom opens the door I am at the car already. I LUUUUUVE rides!

    I hope Roxie is feeling better soon.


    ps: Yukon & Indra say hi too and keep their paws crossed for Roxie

  7. Hi Turke! JD and Max here! Thanks for helping support Shelby's auction - you won the raffle! Please check out the auction site for more details and e-mail us with your address! Congratulations! We're very pleased to have got to know you and we sure hope we'll be good pals. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.