Monday, August 23, 2010

Best Weekend!!!!

I got to see my old best friend Hannah-Bannana Sunday. Hannah was a foster friend here in December and January. She was very confused when she came here. But, I worked my magic and helped her learn that life is good and people love you. When she got here at my house she was just all wadded up in the back of a crate and frightened and shaking. But I said, "hey girl, come on and play with me and chill out." And within a couple of days we were having the best time. She was a house puppy in no time and having fun and luv'n and liv'n up BIG. I guess Mom and Dad helped a little, but hey, I was her best friend! I showed her the ropes. And she was such a smart girl. She showed me how to write. While she was fostered here she wrote a diary. WOW. And she showed me that all I had to do was get on the computer and start my own blog and here I am. So Thank You Hannah-Bannana! You started the creative spark in me. YOU ARE MY MUSE! Now you live in a wonderful fur-ever home in Florida. You play at the beach and take vacations. I'm so glad you came up here Sunday and visited with me. Kisses, slobbers, licks, and sniffs!!!!
Here's a picture of Hannah and me yesterday (Sunday -I'm the handsome one the left) at our reunion. I love you Hannah!


  1. That sounds great!! You are both beautiful! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  2. Hannah is so pretty. That was so sweet of you to help her. You are a knight in shining fur!!

    Love, Cupcake

  3. You are quite the therapist, Turke. It sounds like you do wonders for the fosters you help. I'm so glad you had a reunion.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  4. You and Hannah both look so happy there! I'm glad you both got to learn so much from each other!


  5. Woo must have the same talents as Mogley G. Retriever in KholWOOrado!