Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Roxie was Spayed Yesterday

I am grand and wonderful, Turke, the GSD. But I am also a gracious host to our new girl Roxie. So I am giving her a little space on MY BLOG. Roxie has had a rough road, and as fearsome and magnificient as I am now, I certainly know about those "rough roads" and asphalt burns ("ouch"). Well, yesterday she had a big surgery. She and Mom left early and came back late and boy was Roxie dumbed out. Roxie wouldn't talk to anybody, or eat, or play. All she did last night was sleep. She smelled funny. In fact Mom wouldn't even let us bother her. Well, that's no fun!
Roxie was spayed. All of us here are spayed or neutered. Its a real important thing. Anyway, because it's such an important day Mom took pictures. Here are pictures of Rox as Mom was about to take her out of the car at the clinic and the second sad, sad picture of her as she realized Mom was leaving her (uh-oh). But she's doing better now. I hope I can play with her soon. We were having so much fun.


  1. Roxie, I hope you are feeling better. I had the same surgery and believe me it is for the best. That is what responsible Mommies do for us.

    Turke, don't worry, she will be ready for play time again soon.

    Love, Cupcake

  2. It won't be too long before you can play with her, but you have to give her enough time to heal. I know. Been there and done that. It's well worth the slight discomfort, but you have to be careful for few days.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  3. Oh, Roxie is such a pretty girl! I hope she's feeling up to playing with you soon. We've all had that surgery, too, even Morgan. Someday we hope we have a pretty girl like Roxie here at our house!


  4. Roxie, we sure hope you feel better really soon! You are such a beauty! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  5. I khan so see whilst woo are in love with the girl!

    Please keep taking such great khare of her!